The Folly Cove Designers

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The Folly Cove Designers Catalog is available for purchase in the Museum Shop and online here. The catalog was originally published in 1996 in conjunction with a special exhibition held at the Cape Ann Museum. The fourth re-issue incorporates updated information, previously unpublished designs, a selection of full color images and an updated index.

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Ida Bruno (1882–1953)

A. Ross Burton (1911–1970)

Hilja Burton (1919–1993)

Aino Clarke (1914–1995)

Ida Corliss (1906–1995)

Eleanor Curtis (1910–2008)

Virginia Lee Demetrios (1909–1968)

Zoe Eleftherio (b. 1930)

Mabel Greer (1881–1971)

Mary Greer (1895–1980)

Gertrude Griffin (1907–1997)

Faith Harvey (1921–2008)

Ruth Hendy (1926–1998)

Mahlon Hoagland (1921–2009)

Barbara Hoffman Souza (1923–2010)

Elizabeth Holloran (1917–2009)

Robert Holloran (1919–2008)

Anthony Iarrobino (1913–2006)

Elizabeth Iarrobino (1915–2009)

Hilda Kaihlanen (1919–2013)

Louise Kenyon (1906–2000)

Denise Konus (unknown)

Mary Ann Lash (b. 1931)

Euthymia Maletskos (1912–2003)

Mary Maletskos (1918–1993)

Eleanor Malmi (1914–1998)

Mary Ann Mangan (1932–1991)

Eino Natti (1909–1975)

Lee Kingman Natti (1919-2020)

Margaret Nelson (1901–1981)

Bettina Nichols (unknown)

Dorothy Norton (1900–1989)

Peggy Norton (1905–2000)

Peggy Roewer (1914–1972)

Irja Sheppard (1921–2001)

Lee Steele (b. 1925)

Anna Stephanio (1902–1976)

Irina Tolford (1905–1965)

Joshua Tolford (1910–1985)

Alma Tompkins (1894–1986)

Ellen Tufts (1893–1993)

Mary Wallenius (1914–1992)

Hetty Beatty Whitney (1906–1971)

Lili Wilson (unknown)

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