Rights and Reproductions


Research and Personal Use Images
Researchers in Cape Ann Museum’s Library and Archives as well as gallery visitors are welcome to take non-flash photographs to be used for personal and research purposes only.


High-Resolution Images and Other Media
To request a high-resolution image or other media reproduction, please complete an Image and Other Media Rights and Reproduction Request Form indicating your intended use. This form must be completed in full and can be submitted electronically, by email, fax, or postal mail. Please note that the Cape Ann Museum reserves the right to restrict or refuse the use of its images and other media. In some cases, the Museum cannot grant permission for use of an image or other media, and you will have to seek permission from the copyright holder before the Museum can proceed with your order. Please note that while the Museum can provide the name of the copyright holder if known, we cannot share contact information.

For all high-resolution images or other media, Cape Ann Museum charges a processing fee (per order) and a per image fee. The processing fee is higher when the intended use of the image(s) or other media is for a commercial enterprise (textbook, trade book, popular magazine, advertising, merchandise, etc.). All fees will be quoted and must be paid in advance. The fees quoted below are for a single image and cover only the single use specified on the Image and Other Media Rights and Reproduction Request Form.


Library and Archives—Typical Processing Fees:

The fee for orders requiring new scans covers up to 15 images. A new scanning fee applies to each order of up to 15 images.

Art Collections—Typical Processing Fees:

CAM members receive 10% discount off the total fee. Orders will take a minimum of 2 weeks to complete. Rush orders will double all fees. Research, if required, is $50/hour.


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