Planned Giving

The Catalina Davis Legacy Society

Members and friends of the Cape Ann Museum value it for many reasons, but all share a common purpose; to sustain it for the long-term. Creating a legacy through planned giving is a way to make this tangible.

Catalina Davis (1854–1932) was one of the Cape Ann Museum’s early and most ardent supporters. During the 1930s, funds bequeathed to the Museum from her estate allowed for the construction of a modern, fireproof building containing a large exhibition gallery (now the Cape Ann Gallery) and an auditorium. Her generosity also resulted in the addition to the permanent collection of two oil paintings by Fitz Henry Lane, numerous pieces of early New England furniture and an array of other historically important objects, books and artwork.

Most importantly, her foresight resulted in the creation of the Museum’s first endowment, which to this day continues to benefit the Museum. One of the period rooms in the Fitz Henry Lane Gallery honors Catalina Davis. A Hepplewhite sofa, a superb Sheraton sewing table and Lane’s 1857 painting Stage Rocks and the Western Shore of Gloucester Outer Harbor, all belonging to the Davis family, are on display together.

The Catalina Davis Legacy Society recognizes individuals who contribute to the future of the Cape Ann Museum through bequests, trusts and other planned and life income gifts. Membership is extended to all who have made an estate provision for the Museum, regardless of the amount.


Planned Giving

You have the ability to make a lasting impact on the Cape Ann Museum through a planned gift. There are many types of planned gifts, which can provide a variety of benefits to you, your family and the Museum.


Ways to Give

Future gifts are those in which the donor retains an interest, and the charitable use by the Cape Ann Museum is deferred to some future time. Common types of future gifts include:

Any of these future gifts qualify the donor(s) for membership in the Museum’s Catalina Davis Legacy Society, a group of individuals who have made provision for the Museum in the planning of their estates.

Members of the Catalina Davis Legacy Society are recognized annually in the Museum’s publications (unless they prefer to remain anonymous) and are invited to the Catalina Davis Legacy Society’s annual reception and other informational and social events.

For additional information please contact the Development Office at (978)283-0455 x120.

The Cape Ann Museum strongly recommends that you consult your attorney, financial or tax advisor, and/or estate planner when establishing or revising your estate plans.

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