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About the Digital Collections Catalog

The CAM Library & Archives collections have been available to researchers since 1875. The Digital Collections Catalog represents the ongoing efforts to make digitized materials available. We continue to add new items and collections regularly.

Materials digitized include manuscripts, printed material, maps, photographs, newspapers, postcards, brochures, pamphlets, and holiday cards.

Through ongoing digitization efforts, new material will be added continuously.


Among the library’s holdings are the following collections:

  • Atlantic Fisherman 1921–1960 (incomplete)
  • City of Gloucester Annual Reports 1874–1964
  • Essex Institute Historical Collection Gloucester Annual School Reports 1874–1959
  • Gloucester Architectural Street Surveys 1970s
  • Gloucester City directories 1860–1978 (incomplete)
  • Gloucester Fishermen’s Institute Annual Reports 1905–1942
  • Gloucester High School Year Books 1901–2009 (incomplete)
  • Gloucester Master Mariners' Association year books 1903–1967 (incomplete)
  • List of Merchant Vessels of the United States 1872–1965 (incomplete)
  • List of vessels belonging to the district of Gloucester 1869–1909 (incomplete)

The CAM Archives includes manuscripts and printed material. Arranged by both subject matter and family name this collection provides insight into the daily lives of the people of Cape Ann, and elsewhere, through the pieces of paper they left behind such as letters, bills, business papers, cargo manifests, military enrollments, or their signature in a hotel register.

The CAM Photo Archives contains:

  • Over 100,000 historic photographs of people, places and things, all relating to Cape Ann dating from the 1840s to the present
  • The Gloucester Daily Times Photograph Collection, which consists of over one million photographs 

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