Cape Ann COSMOS: Open for October Preview

September 30, 2020

A sleek addition to the Cape Ann scene

→ Read online at Cape Ann COSMOS

Cape Ann Museum is delivering a second magnificent venue to Cape Ann.   Situated at the Grant Circle rotary where the original Gloucester Town Green once provided grazing for cows, the new Cape Ann Museum Green will serve as a vibrant campus for many exciting possibilities. 

With the formal grand opening  moved out to June 2021, the museum is providing a preview of the new site during the month of October, and you don't want to miss it. 

On the drawing board since 2017, the Cape Ann Museum Green Committee, chaired by William (Wilber) James, has masterfully guided the complex of buildings, walls,  and grounds into existence.  For a 3.4 acre campus, the visibility is somewhat hidden, but upon entering the site from Poplar Street one must pause to recover from the surprise awaiting.   With its juxtaposition of modern and historical buildings surrounding a sweeping green inner plane of grass, destined for a future sculpture park, it is a breathtaking campus to behold. ... continue reading ...

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