Frank Duveneck

1848 - 1919

Frank Duveneck was a pivotal figure of the Cape Ann art community at the turn of the last century. A native of Covington, Kentucky, he first visited Gloucester during the summer of 1890 bringing with him a group of art students from Boston. Over the next quarter of a century, Duveneck returned to the area on an annual basis bringing with him a trail of other artists including such well known figures as Theodore Wendel, Joseph DeCamp, John W. Alexander and John Twatchman. 

Duveneck came to Cape Ann late in his career after already gaining recognition for his work abroad. It is said that while he was here he used two studios, one for the morning light and one for the afternoon. This landscape, done from the outer reaches of Gloucester Harbor looking back at the City's distinctive skyline, is typical of the work Duveneck did on Cape Ann with its loose brush strokes, varied palette and serene setting.

This oil on canvas, done by Frank Duveneck around 1905, shows Gloucester's distinctive skyline as seen from Eastern Point.

Selected works by Frank Duveneck

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